Distribution program

I've recently created a distribution program for myself and others to use within the company. The program name is, unimaginatively, called "distrib". It reads XML data files from a server and determines the entry from the username of the application account (see previous post).

Names of distribution files, server hosts and pathnames are captured in one of the aforementioned XML file. The distribution files are copied to the distribution directory on the remote server ('server:~/vrel#'); files that have already been copied are checked with md5 checksums. The product's install program is also implicitly copied.

After the distribution files have been copied, the program calls the product's install program on each remote server.

There are options to manage the program flow and to access the XML data files.

The program is simple, quick and efficient.

A lot of the past work has been laid as foundation to be able to write a program such as this. Individual application accounts, a +90% common code install template system for 20+ products, more than 25 products working on the same Generalized Release Process.

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sree said...

is it opensourced ?